Solaris marketplace has been restored after a huge attack on it, now it's more secured and reliable. Website is working well, all the breaches was fixed and now it is ready to sell products for it's customers all round the the world. The new address of the website is solaris4ib7kzcyxjxind6rjumfg7hcwx5h6kfl7lpwxy7eftxsxkxad.onion which can be accessed if you have tor browser installed on your computer.

solaris4ib7kzcyxjxind6rjumfg7hcwx5h6kfl7lpwxy7eftxsxkxad onion

We recommend to use only this mirror - solaris4ib7kzcyxjxind6rjumfg7hcwx5h6kfl7lpwxy7eftxsxkxad onion because it is checked and works properly. Solaris onion service is available 24/7 and has perfect uptime value. The team of solaris4ib7kzcyxjxind6rjumfg7hcwx5h6kfl7lpwxy7eftxsxkxad is always online and ready to help if you have any issues.

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